Let’s rewrite the script and prove that common decency isn’t dead.

Times are tough right now and as our second lockdown looms, millions of people across the country are experiencing short-term cash flow problems. We’re witnessing a national movement where people are pulling together in their communities to lighten the strain for those who need it most. Just look at what we achieved when Marcus Rashford recently led the crusade to get school meals sorted for the children who may otherwise have gone without.

It’s not that we don’t want to help each other out, in fact it’s the complete opposite. Here’s where the stiff upper lip comes in — as…

Tough times don’t define us, they REFINE us.

It’s a minefield out there, but you don’t need us to tell you that. Sometimes though it helps just acknowledging tough times collectively, then somehow our mindset shifts to embracing the challenge rather than buckling under the strain. Since the coronavirus outbreak in March, life has been thrown upside down but in true punk style, what do we do when life gives us lemons? We make a fresh batch of lemonade of course.

Here’s some reasons why keeping your chin up is the most important thing you can do RN.

Join the backlash against the fat cats

Financial technology is a driving force that’s gathering momentum at lightning speed as we navigate these uncertain times. Whilst there are many things up in the air right now, the part that fintech will play in our emergence into a ‘new normal’ (we know, we know) has been firmly cemented.

FinTech definition: technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. It is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance.

Since the start fintech has been an unapologetic obstruction for the traditional banking industry that has ruled the roost for FAR too long. Why is it that the banks have been the bully boys of the playground without opposition all this time? Why is it that they have monopolised and montised the misfortunes of decent, honest and hard-working people? …

Back in the 70’s punks paved the way for the free-thinkers of society today. Without their courage to stand out and be different it’s almost certain that humanity wouldn’t have made the great leaps that it has.

Thanks to punks past and present in today’s modern society we have options, liberties and we’re able to express ourselves much more freely. Barriers have been not only torn down, they have been flattened to the ground. Labels carry far less impact and we are beginning to understand that we are all members of the HUMAN race. …

How Punk Money the bold and disruptive startup is cleaning up dirty industries and challenging big banks

Times are tough. We know this. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world as we know it, and the financial implications of lockdown have led the UK into an ‘unprecedented’ recession.

It’s no surprise then that people struggling to make ends meet in the downturn have increasingly turned to rip-off payday lenders — some of whom charge annual interest rates in excess of 1300%, despite FCA regulations to attempt to control the cost of borrowing.

For many, the interest rate caps on payday lenders haven’t been able to prevent them sinking into a deeper spiral of debt.

Recent studies by the FCA have revealed that in recent years, UK residents have borrowed £2bn annually and repaid £4bn in short term loans alone.

“These eye-watering rates aren’t fair, they don’t reflect the…

How to make your money work harder for YOU.

Punk Money is all about making your work harder for you, and obviously the more of it you have, the harder it can work, so perhaps now more than ever you may be looking to add to your income stream by having a dabble in the side hustle sector. It’s a great way to generate extra income whilst doing something that you enjoy. Does banking pounds for pursuing your passions sound like a no-brainer? …

Millennials often get a bad rep when it comes to money management. Having being dubbed ‘generation debt’ with a taste for the high life, this preconception is dangerously close to sticking. With the ‘baby boomers’ and Gen X believing that it’s all chai lattes and avo on toast for the millennial generation, we explore how much of that is true.

Let’s get down to the statistics.

Millennial Spending Habits

How they spend:

  • According to a recent study, a third of millenials already use digital wallets, barely half even own a credit card, and of those without, 93% said they don’t even want one.

On the whole millennials tend to be bold, opinionated and open minded which undoubtedly ruffles the feathers of the generations that have gone before. This ‘disrupter’ mentality is a match made in heaven for the world of financial technology. Like their most loyal advocates, Fintech is all about shaking up the system, innovation and a ‘lets have it all’ kind of attitude.

and why do we Need to Know About it?

It’s that buzz phrase that you may have heard bandied about a fair bit recently. Perhaps you’ve come across the term financial literacy in the news or whilst scrolling through your Instagram feed. First things first, financial literacy is most certainly something we need to get up to speed with if we’re to champion our financial future.

What is Financial Literacy?

At its most simplistic, financial literacy is defined as ‘personal financial education’ — knowledge which allows individuals to manage their money effectively. It’s estimated that 50% of the UK population is considered to be ‘financially vulnerable’ and over


It’s an issue that’s plagued us Brits for far too long — money talk.

Is it the ‘stiff upper lip’ mentality that’s been passed down through the generations? Or is it that we’ve learnt somewhere along the line that talking about finances is considered rude or impolite. Either way it is fair to say that sharing cash-flow concerns is a no-go area.This is backed up by a recent study that concludes that talking about financial hardship is strictly off-limits for a high majority of the 2,000 surveyed U.K individuals.

To add to that 25 % of participants commented that that conversations about personal finances causes them to feel “nervous” and “anxious”.

As reported by…

Punk Money

The revolutionary community loans platform that’s putting the power back in peoples pockets.

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